by Estia Marketing Staff (EMS)


Upon their arrival, EstiaTech provides its new staff with a customized integration program which allows them to deepen their knowledge of the company, its activities and processes, and the opportunities it offers for professional development. EstiaTech proposes also various specific seminars which provide the opportunity for new staff members to meet important people in different technology areas in the real market and to follow the technology’s evolution about their own interests.


To join our team for an entirely new work environment experience, focused on people excellence and aimed at achieving goals and ensuring full customer satisfaction, send us your update professional profile (in doc format). Here at EstiaTech we know the skills and value of our colleagues and that these are the true assets of our Company, the key to its success. To this end, we have decided for a forward-looking and far-reaching business project, introducing a new enterprise model in which the core task of business is innovation built around the people and ourself.


Financial & Digital Services

  • Ref-dg01. Backend, Java EE Developers
  • Ref-dg02. Frontend, Angular developers
  • Ref-dg03. Android and/or iOS Developers
  • Ref-dg04. Java Enterprise and/or BigData Architects
  • Ref-dg05. Full Stack Server Developers
  • Ref-dg06. Big Data Specialist and/or Developers
  • Ref-dg07. Artificial Intelligence Engineers & Scientists
  • Ref-dg08. Semantic Language Specialists
  • Ref-dg09. IT, Bigdata and AI Project Managers

Network Telecommunication

  • Ref-tlc01. Radio Network Planning and Optimization Engineers
  • Ref-tls02. Transport and IP Network Engineers
  • Ref-tlc03. Site and Site design Engineers
  • Ref-tlc04. New Site Aquisition Engineers
  • Ref-tlc05. SWAP Process Experts
  • Ref-tlc06. Quality Engineers
  • Ref-tlc07. Legacy & Telco Cloud Core Network Engineers