About Us

About Us

by Estia Marketing Staff (EMS)

Estiatech borns in 2010.

A fast growing company led by managers with international and multicultural experience; a modern organization believing in people’s values, their sense of responsibility and ability to express and improve themselves through a continuous competence growth. EstiaTech provides advanced engineering and innovation consultancy, and meets the needs of customers with turnkey projects. It is present in Italy, with offices in Turin, Milan, Rome and Naples. With its consulting services, EstiaTech is present in several industrial sectors, arranged in 4 “Expertises”: Financial Services, Telecoms, Media and Data Science in general. As long-standing partners of our Clients’s key innovation departments, EstiaTech is committed to supporting the technological innovation projects designed to modernize the country. Our expertise enables us to upgrade and integrate complex systems with emerging technologies, through SW development services and processes of excellence. We have an all-round offering of Engineering and IT services, based on certified technological infrastructures and unique competences in Italy, thanks to which we can guarantee service continuity, privacy and data security.

Our Mission

Through continuous development, professionalism, integrity and commitment to our clients, our mission is to set the standard for success in our industry by bringing our company to the forefront of top consulting service, and turnkey projects. We promote team success, as well as individual achievements in a consistently high energy, positive atmosphere. We’re continuously committed to developing individuals both personally and professionally through teamwork and fundamental management and technical training.

The strength of EstiaTech

The strength of EstiaTech is primarily based on the expertise and talent of its Consultants and Manager, carefully selected from the best universities for their excellent training. We believe in the values of which you will be ambassador to our Clients: responsibility, professionality, respect for other individual’s worth, openness to the world and to others. Working in EstiaTech means entering into a Company and a Group that provide interesting opportunities for professional growth.

Our Consultants

An EstiaTech consultant has the opportunity to operate in a young and dynamic environment, in a multicultural context, to interact with key players in Telecommunications, Media, IT, Automotive-Railway and Finance sectors, using the most innovative technologies. Depending on personal skills and expectations and project opportunities, you can build a dedicated career in an international context which can offer a broad future. EstiaTech consultants get involved in the team of the Client, developing, at first, technical analysis and definition of industrial strategies, progressively getting into the design and implementation of solutions. A customized training plan follows them throughout their career according to the principles of meritocracy.

 Recruitment & Selection Process

The recruitment and selection process includes: individual interviews, group interviews, technical interviews. EstiaTech offers numerous career opportunities at national and international level. Through a centralized database, each application is available to all the companies of the group: this allows greater visibility and broaden the opportunity to be involved in the hiring process. This is usually represented by two or more individual interviews and also technical interviews with the Client. Business Managers’ recruitment process is centralized. It includes an EstiaTech first assessment lasting half a day. Successful candidates will meet during the various interviews, Manager of the different business areas.